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Africana Library front gate
Alexandersfontein Hotel, Kimberley
Ant walk
Barnato's Buildings
Bultfontein Mine 1880's
Bultfontein Mine claim workings
Central Co's depositing floor 1880's
City Hall & Post Office
River diggings in Rooikopjies, Ricketts farm
DBCM Head Office
De Beers Mine 1872
De Beers Mine West End shaft
Train arrival Nov 1885
De Beers Road Railway Bridge
Diamond Mining De Beers floors
Diamond sorters
Diamond sorting
Diamond washing machine 1880
Diggers life 1870s
Early transport
Du Toitspan Road
Kby Mine view north reef April 1874
Du Toitspan Rd 1904
Kby supply committee ticket
Kimberley Hospital
Kimberley 1878
Kimberley Mine 1872 reef from the east
Kimberley Mine 1871
Dutoitspan Road 1900's
First washing machine
Floors - steam engine crushing blue ground
Honoured Dead Memorial
Hut near Kimberley
Kby Mine from east 1873
Kby Mine roadways 1872
Kby Mine plan 1882
Kimberley Mine 1880's
Kimberley Mine horse whim 1873
Kby Mine Pump from south east reef
Kimberley Mine 1873
Kimberley Open Mine
Kimberley Under Snow 25 June 1876
Malay Camp Wedding
Market Square
Mayors of Kimberley 1878-1912
Mining machinery
Mule Tram Kimberley
Otto’s Kopje redoubt in Siege
Permit to purchase bread
Phoenix Hotel, Beaconsfield
Railway Station Yard
River diggings Jacobs Rush
Routes to the diamond fields
Schmidtsdrift Pont
Siege - dugouts 1899
Siege 1899 North Lancashire Regiment 
St Mary's Cathedral
Synogogue 1901
Trinity Methodist Church in Chapel Street 1917
Swiss Cafe, Dutoitspan Road 
Stockdale St 1878
Tom Bell's home sorting for diamonds
Wesselton Mine haulage
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